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Little Lizard Studios - Production Week 1: New Team, Comfortable Work

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I have now joined onto a new team as a Level Designer. The team I am now on is known as Little Lizard Studios, and we are making a game called Visualizer. Visualizer is a single-player rhythm shooter. We are changing some of the narrative at the moment, so some of the narrative is still being developed. In this game, though, the player is tasked with taking out frequency aberrations, or basically ghosts made of sound.

On this team, I have been put in the position as a Level Designer, which is perfect since that is exactly the kind of work I wanted to add to my portfolio and show off in the future. One of the original designers on the team is Lead Level Designer.

Already, him, two other artists, and I have met for a Level Design and environment meeting in which we discussed a lot about the direction we want to go with the environmental-storytelling, additional game mode known as Endless Mode, the level progression, and the artistic direction we are moving towards with these environments. We made a lot of progress in the way of what direction we are going with this and soon hit the ground running. As of the past couple days, I have started working on the first level for the game, as we are reworking the levels.

Joining this team was honestly an extremely smooth process. I was easily put into a role I was comfortable with. I was already familiar with the engine they are using as well - Unity. I hadn't level designed much in unity, but the couple tools they have for it are very easy to use, and so I've been comfortable using it as well. On top of that, I definitely already feel like I'm a part of the team, as I have a distinct role, I have a voice on the team, and I have just generally gotten along well with the team.

I am struggling a bit still in working with these tools, since I hadn't level designed much in Unity before, as I usually preferred to work in Unreal Engine. However, I'm getting more and more comfortable with it as I work in it. Furthermore, since a lot of the game is being reworked right now (including systems, art, narrative, and level design), a lot is in the air right now, and we are still settling on a lot of things. It's a process, but the direction this game is going definitely seems like it has a lot of potential. But that's for future posts!

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