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LoR Shadows of the Sands (Part 10) - Continuing to make LoR in Cockatrice

To start off, I took the prior week off for 4th of July and a couple birthdays. Now, I'm back to working again this week and continuing on with the work on putting the custom set on Cockatrice, allowing me to remotely and easily test it with others.

My progress this week is simple and not the splashiest like it may have been in prior weeks. Last week, I put most of my cards on it, and this week I put in a good portion of the functionality.

Come soon, I'm looking to use my girlfriend's computer for her video editing software to record this, but I wasn't able to just yet. But as of now, as you can see on the picture of the left, you can right click a card in order to pull up related cards and tokens. Through this, Kayn can create a Kayn Level Up that he is attached to (currently a bit blocked by the window), create his spell that you create when he attacks, and create the spell that replaces him when a copy is in your hand and another copy is on the field.

This makes it so that rather than having to find and grab tokens throughout a match, a player can simply right click the card to get all its functionality, making it much easier to QA with people. I've gone and done this with all the cards I currently have in, allowing me to really start QAing this week once I finish building a few decks.

Now, I want to go over some things in regards to these future QA sessions.

At the moment, I'm not looking to rebalance cards unless they are extreme outliers to the point that their current version is leading to results that do not accurately represent things. I understand some cards will be unbalanced, but right now I'm testing them for functionality and will record my findings with individual cards. I know lack of balance will sway the opinion on cards, however at the moment it is out of the scope of my project. The QA information I receive and write about, however, should at least accurately portray the problems.

Lastly, I have also added some existing cards from the game to fill out these decks. The current way I'm approaching these are by grabbing data of the most played cards in top decks according to Mobalytics and, if they fit the deck, putting them into the deck. This allows me to more accurately represent what a meta would look like with these cards present and test how these cards would work with cards currently being played. I am also, however, adding some less played cards to the decks to see if some of these cards help those less popular cards become stronger.

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