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Little Lizard Studios - Week 12 and 13: Finalizing Levels!

Next Friday is the Senior Show. And so, this upcoming Sunday is when we are going to freeze the build. After that, only small bugs will be addressed and fixed to ensure nothing breaks before we present it.

And so, these past two weeks, I've done some balance tweaks and did Level 5, the Boss Level.

For this post, I want to mainly go over level 5 and my process in creating it.

Right off the bat, we knew that we wanted it to not be just a dance club area like the rest of the levels. We wanted it to be different for a few different reasons:

- The gameplay is a bit different as it's not about going around destroying nests anymore, but rather about destroying one enemy. Furthermore, we wanted to treat it a bit more like a tradition, single floor open boss room.

- The boss deserves to be in a truly unique area that stands out even more from the rest

- This is the level where all the corruption is coming from, so we want to make the corruption a part of this level as opposed to something encroaching upon it like in the other levels.

So, I came up with instead making it something along the lines of an opera hall, with the boss one the stage as the center of attention for the whole environment!

The team immediately grabbed onto the idea, and so I jumped into the engine to get it to work. I put things together, but unfortunately due to some personal conflicts, couldn't do a material pass on the level. And so, thankfully, our environmental artist did a great job on a material pass, and this was the result of our collaborated work:

Final Level - Boss Level

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