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Little Lizard Studios - Week 11: Level Pass

To start things off, first off my team went to PAX! We were at the Champlain College booth showing off our game on the Sunday of PAX.

I want to reflect on this a bit first, because it was an experience that was breathtaking and we learned a lot from it. First of all, we got a lot of feedback on how fun the game was, letting us know that we were definitely in the right direction and our game loop and environments were strong enough to keep the player engaged. We also were able to observe a bunch of different types of players play. Because of this, we were able to see how different people played our games, allowing us to see what we could do better to accommodate for all these different types of players.

Me, and the other 2 people on my team that went to PAX, brought some feedback back to the team.

Due to the time I spent on PAX, I had limited time to work on the game. But, I felt that I did have time to finish up the environments in the game (in terms of placement, not necessarily lighting or material passes yet).

And so, starting with Level 3, I added in the corruption.

I needed to add more corruption in this level than the prior two. The basic idea is that level 1 has no non-nest corruption, the 2nd level is about 25% populated with non-nest corruption, the 3rd level is 50%, the 4th level is 75%, and the boss level is 100% corruption. And so, since this is level 3, it needs to be around the 50% mark. And so, I filled it up quite a bit, and I'm letting the procedural corruption we have fill up the rest throughout the level.

Also, when adding the corruption, I wanted to make some of the corruption block off areas to change up the gameplay from the last level. Level 2 had the bridge, which granted the player access when there was corruption, while this one has corruption block the player path in some areas. This is to show the player that corruption will do different things to the environment that will affect the player in different ways.

I then worked on both the assets in level 4 and the corruption.

With corruption in this level, I wanted it to have places where it granted the player access and places where it cuts the player's access off. This was to combine both the functions of the corruption in level 2 and 3, influencing the movement throughout the environment both when the player leaves and destroys the corruption.

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