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Little Lizard Studios - Production Week 3: Divide and Conquer

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Early on this week, the lead level designer and I decided to divide our work a bit differently. We decided that I would be working on the campaign while he would be working on the endless mode and hub area. We came to this decision through a few reasons:

1) The endless mode works really well as a sandbox area for him to test out different systems he will be making for the game.

2) Dividing up the work as such makes it easier to have a cohesive design among the levels for the different modes.

3) Organizationally, it makes it easier to always know who's doing what both now and in the future.

And so, he took over creating the hub area that I had started last week and I took over the creating the second level that he had started on the prior week.

To start things off, I updated Level 1 a bit. I put in some of the assets that the environment artist had created into the level and filled the level with more props.

After that, I then started working on Level 2. He had set up the perimeter of the area, put in the stairs, put in some of the 2nd level, and put in the floor. I updated it and added the environmental assets along with some more 2nd floor platforms. I then updated the assets to have the same materials as Level 1, but they haven't been baked yet so that would be why they don't look the same.

It's definitely a good step forward that he and I divided our work a bit more. Despite dividing our work, of course we still plan to look at each others' work and give constant feedback and keep cohesion between the two game modes.

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