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Little Lizard Studios - Production Week 2: Progress Makes Perfect

Everything continues to go well! This past week, I put work into both the first level and the hub area. I've also realized it's much more useful to anybody reading if I put actual pictures in these blog posts.

For level one, I completed most of the environment. All I have to put in now is the physics props throughout the level to just add that extra layer of detail. However, I am first working with the Lead Level Designer on touching up the level without those props because it will be easier to edit it without a bunch of small object laying everywhere. The Lead Environmental Artist also added lighting to the level to better reflect the current current direction of our environment.

For the hub area, I created a very broad layout. Our vision for the hub area is that it leads to the main campaign through an elevator and an endless mode and tutorial. We are planning on adding more, So, I added the main entrance to the main campaign and kept the rest of the area open for editing. The picture below is the hub, though the lighting hasn't changed just yet.

However, the current thing that is inhibiting me is that a lot of stuff is currently being redone, including enemy spawning and how to set up the player in a level. As such, I am unable to currently test out the spaces in gameplay, which makes it difficult to iterate upon at the moment. I based my levels on what they had already created before, and took inspiration in terms of spacing and looks in order to estimate how the level should flow. But it will be likely a few more days until I can test it with enemies.

We also decided to hammer out what our final boss will be, which I will talk about in a future blog when we storyboard everything we talked about in the meeting. We wanted to iron out how the boss is because we know it will take a long time to perfect and it is the pinnacle of our gameplay, so we want to ensure we have plenty of time to figure everything out.

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